Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LAST days of JUNE..............

 This stunning chandelier has to be on the top of my list for favourite purchases at Moss Grotto this month! Delicately made with white wooden balls, its a must have! I'll definitely  be ordering one for our new place when we build! (this is ornamental only.It cannot be used as a light)

James Pender artwork hangs in our window this month.Walk past and see how many differnt animals and objects you can see in his work.Its amazing!

NEW overhead lights in small and large.Made from white highly finished chrome with beautiful decorative silver work inside.Look up inside them.These lights are also available in black.
 (Ask at our counter to see the larger size.)

Ceramic iconic angel crucifix from Mexico

 NEW metal chairs have arrived in store.Butter yellow for the pastel season to come! We call it 'Industrial-chic'.
Pretty this Winter up with our NEW metal drinks trays as you entertain your friends with a day of 'Hight Tea'.
Rose prints too dainty to resist.Available in small and large

Keep blogging on to MOSS GROTTO for NEW items from designer Anna Chandler.
China in bright Ikat prints,doormats,lamps and more...................................

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