Monday, January 23, 2012

SUMMER windows and more at MOSS GROTTO in January


I fell in love with this stunning piece.This dramatic horse sculpture is from Xian.

Oplulent vase in blue

Summer window at MOSS GROTTO


Our Industrial aprons have been a huge favourite.Drop in and try on on! These great aprons can also be worn as an accessory over clothes to add a bit of fun to each outfit.

Who can resist our bunny sets

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Summer Colour at MOSS GROTTO

Summer at MOSS GROTTO is so pretty you can almost taste it!
In store at MOSS GROTTO you'll see a corner of South American influence with handmade accessories from handmade belt ties to danty key charms.
You can also take in a touch of Thai with our beautiful thai wall pieces from Chang Mai.

Don't miss our lady of Guadalupe! Shouting out in fluro pinks and greens I thought I'd use these colours to put a fun spin on the feel of this art piece.

Acrylic on canvas. $600 by Alex O'Halloran

Coloured glass goblets in plum,ochre and blue - perfect for that Summer spritzer.

South American angel

Angel available in 2 sizes.

Mexican donkey boy.

Who can resist this image.Stumbled across who I've called "ERIC" in an old readers digest! Isn't he great! He's simply a prop that adds character and charm to my store.

I've always loved how the mix of paints on a palette look so beautiful before they touch the canvas!

I love this sculpture!I'm finding it hard to sell her!
She's all cosy with our new decorative Chang Mai wall hangings that I thought looked great drapped around ther waist and neck.It reminds me of a Hawaiian skirt.

Hello little key accessory!
Too good for key......just hang them on your wall.The perfect decoration!

**** NEW artwork coming soon by Alex O'Halloran of MOSS GROTTO

Friday, January 20, 2012

SUMMER.........NEW arrivals at MOSS GROTTO

artist: Alex O'Halloran

Abstract girl by Noosa artist

New 60's pom pom clutch bags in small and large

Indian cotton ottomans.Available in white,pale baby pink,spearmint and pale powder blue

Monday, January 2, 2012

More beauty created at MOSS GROTTO by Kim Faull of BARWON HEADS

I'd like to introduce a new team player at MOSS GROTTO.
"KIM"... a local Barwon Heads blondie has come on board at MOSS GROTTO! To me she is magic, so pop in and say hello.She has made life for me at MOSS GROTTO, bliss.
For any of you who know me well be it family, friends or shoppers..... I simply LIVE,BREATH and DREAM in my sleep time - "MOSS GROTTO!".
I am a perfectionist who enjoys creating a visual feast for the eyes.

This week I asked Kim to do a new display for the store which after nearly 6 years of being the head merchandising person, handing over my baby was no easy task. Beautiful merchandising in my store to me is an art form, so I have to  say a big thank you and congratulate Kim for being brave and creating a knock out story!
The new photos down loaded are Kim's merchandising.I loved her usage of plum tones and deep olive greens.It created a warm yet sophisticated feel that worked perfectly.
Love it!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Merchandising is everything in a store! Think of it as your silent seller.

I call this the sorbet table.
Soft and creamy in gentle tones of Summer.
New cotton throws in store.3 colours available: Duck egg blue,stone & mushroom

Sequin skull tote A hot seller this Summer! Don't miss out!

NEW interior books

Bless out Bunnies! At last our bunnies are back!

Skull tote and crochet summer necklaces

HELLO 2012!!!!!!!

Its 2012 and beautiful outside! Crowds have hit the streets of Barwon Heads so the town is jumping!
Its the perfect beach day!!!
These new shots around the store are a new burst of colour and more.

Hello beautiful girl! I love my new painting! I'm a great lover of eyes, so this new painting is all about just that! $750

This American Indian wall piece is simply stunning! She keeps whispering to me to take her home to my place.This amazing art work sits on the wall at MOSS GROTTO along with the birds that she's releasing.(this wall art comes with 5 flying birds)It is a one off original.

Who can resist these fun religious icons! Perfect as a wall hanging or even better still - they keep the flies out and decorate your door way at the same time. $70ea

MOSS GROTTO interior wall

Mary,Mary Mary. Great Icon shade. $70