Friday, June 22, 2012



Winter is well and truly here on our doorstep with its icy temps and reports of snow dumps which always thrill the passionate snow gromit set, but I'm one of those people that wish I could embrace the guts of Winter for all that it is - but can't!
Yes,  I love the fashions of Winter with its lushness that it provides,I adore an open fire and I'll always cherish my time skiing the slopes in Europe,  but I'm the person who continually whinges for the entire season counting down the days on the calendar for Summer! 
My husband is the most positive person I've ever met .No matter how bad the forcast he has a way of putting a shine on it.You can almost feel the warmth in the winter air.As he celebrated 'winter solstice' day this week, he woke up with a big smile saying " We're over the hump's nearly Summer" Yes....I really do love his enthusiasm!

And so with our recent grey days, I really wanted to bring some colour into our windows at MG this month.To give it warmth and in my mind a feeling that those fabulous warm days aren't too far off!

The Tibetan girl image was a tapestry I saw and just had to give it a go on canvas.It was a long process but I'm happy with the end result.Walk past and see her in the flesh, the colours are so much prettier!

Lamp shades made from fabric off cuts for the June/July window.

Reflection is always a pest.Will have to re-do this shot.

Lots of colour to brighten up our corner.Remindes me of 'I dream of Jeanie' 

NEW bags in store from Changmai

It had been an amazing Winters day in Melbourne on the Queens Birthday weekend, with sunny blue skies,too much shopping and warm scones and tea at my favourite haunt the 'Hopetoun Tea Rooms' to finish off the day.
I took this shot on Collins St about 5.30pm as I waited for the tram. I still managed to grab a hint of colour - no matter how cool the night air was!
Colour really is everywhere.

Maybe Winters not so bad after all.
Keep warm and enjoy!

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