Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Say hello to the new change room at 
Not just any change room - it had to feel welcoming.I decided to make my own curtain as everything I saw was ugly and too manufactured.It had to sit with the feel of the store.
Any other person would have borrowed a sewing maching(yes, I must buy one) but luckily I love to hand sew. Using a fabulous old darning needle,jute and tapestry wool I got to work and achieved the natural hand sewn peice that I wanted.

MOSS GROTTO after hours

This print from South Africa hangs on the wall of our change room.

What better than a warm snuggly corner to sit and read the latest magazine.I wanted our new change room to be more than just a space to try clothes on.It had to feel welcoming and relaxed.

Beautiful interior book on contemporary India

Velvet and Ikat print cushions

NEW bags from Changmai decorated in amazing beading and tassels.Colours available:Navy,red,cream and orange.

Mexican crosses decorated in milagro charms

Fur vests and knits instore
Keeping blogging on to see our NEW range of jewellery in store.......

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi everyone, you'll notice there's been a complete change of design layout to my blog.I'll be working on fixing it this week as I'm having trouble with my settings.Fingers crossed I work it out!
The joys of computers.

Monday, May 21, 2012


My step daughter Beth was kind enough to work this Sunday as my Mum was away.She took this photo Sunday morning and sent me a message to say she thought the store looked really pretty!  
It was great to see a photo through another lense other than my own.Thanks B! x

Beth O'Halloran

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Barwon Heads
Available in cream,latte,black,tan & silver.To order in patent leather red & black.
PERFECT for traveling or shopping the SLOUCH bag is designed to be worn across the shoulder and chest so hands are free.
Some wonderful customers have been kind enough to send in some photos from their holiday travels using their SLOUCH bag

Linen scarf in 'timber' 

Linen scarf in 'olive' 

Warm blonde sequin clutch

Thursday, May 10, 2012


SALE - Set series......'SUMMER SISTERS'
Original price for set: $1,350.00 SALE price:$900.(45cm x 75cm) Acrylic on canvas.
For all enquiries call: MOSS GROTTO on 03/5254 2277 or 0419 724406

Theres nothing better than the thought of fresh wall space.
A clean white canvas to start hanging new art.
 As we start to pack up our home I'm slowly selling off some of my older art work.
This set was painted for the Festival of the Sea when I first moved to Barwon Heads 11 years ago.
The Sisters hugging symbolise the difference between protection in the sun and skin before sun exposure.

For more images of this art set log on to my MOSS GROTTO EMPORIUM Facebook page this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


MOSS GROTTO after dark - Cooler days.
 I  love this shot!
There's something about the early evening "light" that makes everything look & feel so different.

You may have noticed that MOSS GROTTO has new "cooler days"
trading hours.
 We are now closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.
For all after hours enquiries call: 0419 724406

On celebrating my 44th Birthday recently I decided to have a "lifestyle" change! I didn't want to wait for something to happen in my life to reach this decision I simply wanted to have more time for me!
 These new days of free time have been fantastic! With more hours in the day to myself I'm excited about producing new art work.

 Competition is good! It keeps you fresh and alert!
Someone asked me the other day what my biggest challenge is in running my own retail business?  
I think the most important thing is to stay fresh,don't be afraid of change  & never let your eyes go off duty.
Don't waste hours worrying about what your competition is doing.The positive thing about competition is,it keeps you on your toes.The challenge is there everyday but without it we become lazy!
 Naturally be aware of your competition, but my simple rule is -
 "follow your own style & create what you love most." 

NEW pieces in store.Porcelain dish with hand painted parrots in pink & aqua

Ikat pattern cushions in new gelati colour designs & lush petite velvet styles with pom poms.

Tribal wall piece sit with fur vests in Mocha,silver grey & charcoal

Ikat gelati colour cushions & white sequin cushions

Mothers Day candles from PALM BEACH,Ikat hand made ceramic vases and more...
*****Don't forget to blog on soon to see more new items arriving instore.