Monday, October 31, 2011


HOT OFF THE PRESS - 'NOMAD' by Sibella Court has arrived in store!
For those interior nuts out there like me......if this new Sibella Court book doesn't whet your appetite & encourage you to start being creative, nothing will.

                       'CHASING A DREAM' - Visually beautiful and    worth adding to your collection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PALM BEACH Collection Candles at MOSS GROTTO

PALM BEACH candles
 NEW in store today!
 Eco friendly essential oil soy wax candles.
Up to 80hrs burn time

Frangrances available:
Blood Orange
Fig,cassis & mandarin
Pear & Cinnamon
Clove & Sandalwood

Moss Grotto's blog wouldn't be the same without something unusual............
 Patron saint of animals

This special piece was found on a road trip with my husband John, last weekend.
We headed to his home town of Wangaratta and stumbled across this fantastic statue in a nearby town called Chiltern.

 I am known to John and my family as St.Francis of Assisi - for my passionate love of the animal kingdom.
What can I had my name on it! 

 You will see St.Francis of Assisi sitting quietly within the store of MOSS GROTTO.

MATADOR of Spain
 This petite statue in it's dreamy blue sits amongst my collection of things that belong to me. Everyday when I look at him I feel good.
Why you might ask? Because..... when I travelled to Spain I was   deeply disturbed by the bullfights and cruelty to these animals.
Luckily there is a big movement to abolish this old tradition.
Today, the only place I want to see a Matador is in porcelain. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

NEW books arriving at MOSS GROTTO

These fabulous new books are due in store first week of November!
This amazing book called 'Second Skin' is visually breath taking.

Style beyond style! A must have!

For those book lovers out there who have enjoyed the new books in store at MOSS GROTTO - this is a little reminder.
The editions featured below are due for release early November as promised!
Keep blogging to stay in touch!

A creative teaser!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

OCTOBER windows at MOSS GROTTO Barwon Heads

"My windows are my stage."
They give me the opportunity to create and play out what comes into my head space.I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I love doing them!

"It's beautiful here" sign.Handmade in Africa from telephone wire.

What a fabulous response to the new books in store. If you want some teaser inspiration these stylist books are for you!

A pair of Chinese foxes sit on my gates behind my counter at MOSS GROTTO.They were a gift.I Ioved them the minute I saw them and I love them more and more each day! I'm slowly building up a funny little area of trinkets given to me from special people in my life.

This Mexican heart is from my dear friend Amy Ames at EL POCO in Barwon Heads.If you look closely on your next visit to Moss Grotto you'll also see a wild pair of TEXAN spurs given to me by Amy Ames on one of her visits back home to Texas!

This collection of special trinkets is slowly building over time.
Keep an eye out and you may see these wonderful spurs somewhere on the MOSS GROTTO blog.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

MOSS GROTTO in October

A taste of MOSS GROTTO Emporium.........
Everyone needs their own Donkey boy! Made from cast iron , he has no function at all other than he's simply adorable.

NEW body creams in store by Harrison and Sons. 
Everyone needs a little 'monkey madness' in their life!

I love this Chinese Fox!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


by Pia Jan Bijkerk -
After attending a boutique trade fair in April this year I had the pleasure I meeting the author of this divine book.

Everyone needs Inspiration!

Inspiration comes from simple things!
I'd like to share some wonderful images that I've collected over time and use for that little bit of inspiration.


NEW book in store: 'ONE living as one and loving it'

Living as one and loving it' by Victoria Alexander.

This new book at Moss Grotto is a must have!
 Visually it's one of the prettiest books I've seen in a long time.
Not only are the quotations throughout the book magical but the photography and styling is superb!
Here are just a few snap shots of images I loved.

                                                    NEW in store at MOSS GROTTO

Also due in store is the new publication of 'CHASING A DREAM'
by Carla Coulson.