Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A morning with photographer NIKOLE RAMSAY

This first shot would have to be one of my favourites! I have a soft spot for this little pink corner. 
 Lucky to catch Photographer Nikole Ramsay for a morning in her busy day recently these new shots really make the store shine!
 Thanks Nikole!

Although Nikole is an incredibly talented photographer, the first thing you love about her is her easy going personality and smile that makes every part of a photo shoot relaxed and fun!! Nikole has really captured the magic that I love to create in my store for my shoppers.

Click on images for  slide show gallery

Monday, July 30, 2012


Like a magnet, I'm always drawn instantly to any traditional market on a holiday away.On my travels around the world it was the first place I'd head to, to see,smell and experience the real people and colours!
Not a tourist to be found,no matter where you looked and wandered - the natural colours were just amazing! Raw and authentic - priceless!
This wonderful market was opposite our villa down a quiet road.It sold everything from baskets of fresh petals for offerings to fresh daily produce.

If you're attracted to colour like me........the best place to find it is a local market.It's a visual feast!

Wouldn't you love to be that flexible!
 Blog on tomorrow for some Warung delight!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Last minute NEWSFLASH!!!!

  This Spring & Summer see's a resurgence of a Western version of VEGAS GLAMOUR! Think Rhinestone cowgirl.
Yes....... the great West is back, so pull out those bedazzled cowboy boots, gold encrusted bulls heads on leather, cuffs to match and more....... 

Keep an eye out at MOSS GROTTO for new arrivals early August!


Thursday, July 12, 2012


COLOURS of BALI............
3 more days to go...... and not counting!
 Next week we'll be enjoying the warm temps and sights of Bali.A place I've visited maybe too many times, but its easy to be drawn back.
Wonderful colours,smells and sunshine!
My eyes will be wide open and on duty hoping to get some colour inspiration.
The food markets are always a favourite to me, with their exotic Indonesian fruits,spices and colourful offerings!

Before I head off I wanted to post a few shots of our great new pieces in store.

Vintage silver mirror glassware

Porcelain peacock dish

Silk embroided cushions to brighten up your home in winter!

A gift from my niece Coco.I love this art piece.

For the die hard fans of Ikat print, these fabulous linen cushions are available in different colours

I'm addicted to glass!! I just can't help buying more.These new elegant glasses are available in 2 styles in small and large along with a gorgeous jug.

Every girl needs "ESSIE" nail varnish.Check out our new WINTER colours in store! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012



I came across this gem last week which wasn't for sale!
The moment I saw it I fell in love and simply had to have her.I haven't stopped thinking about it.If I really love something, theres no getting it out of my head.
 I smiled heaps and literally begged the owner to call me if they ever decided to sell it.Well today I got a call and now I'm the new proud owner of QE!

My family think I'm completely nuts - but that's okay, they're used to me with my wacky purchases.
 Originally from Japan this old piece could tell a million stories! I love how it comes with water stain marks,soft muted colours that have faded over the years and the frame is wonderful too!
If I'm honest it was the "glitter" that got me.I can't resist a bit of sparkle! 

The brooch!

You can't see too well from these photos but the glitter on her crown,necklace and brooch is so pretty!