Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Inspirations

With the building development of our new home just round the corner I've decided to pull out some of my inspiration shots on my day off .House work can wait.
Its always good to refresh the memory and get your creative juices flowing again.
It's been a long project due to vcat issues the thought of it actually moving along is very exciting.
For those who know me, I have a huge love affair with white interiors so much so that my close female cousins had the cheek to ask me if I chose our current home first before the man! Yes....its all white!
Only family could get away with that!!

It only seems natural to start with a bare canvas.From there you can simply add the prettyness.
Designing the plan layout of our home was easy for me but choosing the finishes is always hard because I'm known for changing my mind.
My husband John isn't just says "go for it Ali!" Saying that to a female with a love for interiors can be very dangerous!

The house will be quite modern in design on the exterior so its important that the internal finishes remain soft and homely.I'm not a fan minimalism. 

This fabulous kitchen shot was taken from a Moroccan home.The design of our kitchen is similar with a long window.This is one area in the home that I don't mind being minimal.

White panelling is always nice.It's beachy and will sit well the the exterior faded grey cedar.
Long soft curtains will bring the softness to our home that I'm wanting to achieve.

I loathe aluminium window frames.They remind me of a caravan.Not that I don't think caravans are cute, but I don't want to feel as though we live in one! No matter how hard the up keep has to be wooden framed windows.I don't care if we have to paint them every year.

A beautiful mirror above the sink! I  love mirrors and have been collecting them since my 20's.
And finally this superb chandelier. I've just had one similar arrive in store at MOSS GROTTO in white! I've been in love with this for ages.Its  on the shopping list!

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