Sunday, July 1, 2012



I came across this gem last week which wasn't for sale!
The moment I saw it I fell in love and simply had to have her.I haven't stopped thinking about it.If I really love something, theres no getting it out of my head.
 I smiled heaps and literally begged the owner to call me if they ever decided to sell it.Well today I got a call and now I'm the new proud owner of QE!

My family think I'm completely nuts - but that's okay, they're used to me with my wacky purchases.
 Originally from Japan this old piece could tell a million stories! I love how it comes with water stain marks,soft muted colours that have faded over the years and the frame is wonderful too!
If I'm honest it was the "glitter" that got me.I can't resist a bit of sparkle! 

The brooch!

You can't see too well from these photos but the glitter on her crown,necklace and brooch is so pretty!

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