Friday, June 1, 2012


BANJARA Jewellery.....the Kuchi collection
This fabulous line of jewellery is handmade by a new Australian designer in Melbourne.I stumbled across her and am so glad we met.
Here are just a few of the NEW pieces that have arrived in store....

The Kuchi collection
 is inspired by the colourful flowing dresses and elegant chime of coins in the breeze, heard as the beautiful gypsies journey through the desert.These coins have been transformed by the tribeswomen into intricately decorated charms and pendants, used to adorn their belts,bags and dresses.Despite the wonder of where these pieces originated, their greatest significance remains to be that someone,somewhere used whatever they had to try and make the world a little more beautiful.
Once again they have been given a new life and will continue to be lovingly worn. BANJARA

Gorgeous winter colours threads available in wine,mustard,black &chocolate 

Cuff bracelet with coin charms

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