Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Say hello to the new change room at 
Not just any change room - it had to feel welcoming.I decided to make my own curtain as everything I saw was ugly and too manufactured.It had to sit with the feel of the store.
Any other person would have borrowed a sewing maching(yes, I must buy one) but luckily I love to hand sew. Using a fabulous old darning needle,jute and tapestry wool I got to work and achieved the natural hand sewn peice that I wanted.

MOSS GROTTO after hours

This print from South Africa hangs on the wall of our change room.

What better than a warm snuggly corner to sit and read the latest magazine.I wanted our new change room to be more than just a space to try clothes on.It had to feel welcoming and relaxed.

Beautiful interior book on contemporary India

Velvet and Ikat print cushions

NEW bags from Changmai decorated in amazing beading and tassels.Colours available:Navy,red,cream and orange.

Mexican crosses decorated in milagro charms

Fur vests and knits instore
Keeping blogging on to see our NEW range of jewellery in store.......

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