Wednesday, May 9, 2012


MOSS GROTTO after dark - Cooler days.
 I  love this shot!
There's something about the early evening "light" that makes everything look & feel so different.

You may have noticed that MOSS GROTTO has new "cooler days"
trading hours.
 We are now closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.
For all after hours enquiries call: 0419 724406

On celebrating my 44th Birthday recently I decided to have a "lifestyle" change! I didn't want to wait for something to happen in my life to reach this decision I simply wanted to have more time for me!
 These new days of free time have been fantastic! With more hours in the day to myself I'm excited about producing new art work.

 Competition is good! It keeps you fresh and alert!
Someone asked me the other day what my biggest challenge is in running my own retail business?  
I think the most important thing is to stay fresh,don't be afraid of change  & never let your eyes go off duty.
Don't waste hours worrying about what your competition is doing.The positive thing about competition is,it keeps you on your toes.The challenge is there everyday but without it we become lazy!
 Naturally be aware of your competition, but my simple rule is -
 "follow your own style & create what you love most." 

NEW pieces in store.Porcelain dish with hand painted parrots in pink & aqua

Ikat pattern cushions in new gelati colour designs & lush petite velvet styles with pom poms.

Tribal wall piece sit with fur vests in Mocha,silver grey & charcoal

Ikat gelati colour cushions & white sequin cushions

Mothers Day candles from PALM BEACH,Ikat hand made ceramic vases and more...
*****Don't forget to blog on soon to see more new items arriving instore.

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