Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Don't be afraid to have fun at home!
Grab your camera - snap away! Play with little corners in each room.Experiment with light,sun and shadows.
Photograph the things that make you feel good!

With trade fair around the corner I'm looking forward to sourcing out some fabulous new pieces.
Today I decided to turn to the most  and obvious things in life.....the little things around my home.The corners that give me inspiration!
 My glass cabinet that hold years of my glasses that collected and are suddenly back in fashion.Funny how trends do a big circle.
The following snaps are the corners of my home that give me inspiration every day!
The corners of home - TWO next.........

I've always believed in buying artwork that grabs your attention instantly.I don't tend to use reds in furnishings but in my art collection red comes through all the time.I have a weakness for David Bromley,nudes,childish images and any art piece that's slightly ugly.It makes it beautiful! I loathe mass produced prints and knock off images of mainstream work.

I have a love hate relatioship with this painting.She's not finished it was started almost 5 years ago.Oneday I'll work up the courage to complete her!

This is one of my mothers paintings.It now sits on my wall.I've loved this since I was a young girl.

Bali Boys!
After a long trip away to Bali with a girlfriend back in 1996 I took this snap of 2 little boys walking the streets.
This sketch sits in our entrance area.Hidden away a little - but really special.
It was drawn in my derwent pencils. I love my derwents.

Kate Fisher by David Bromley

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