Saturday, February 4, 2012

ALWAYS EVOLVING.MOSS GROTTO says hello to MG threads...........

MG threads (moss grotto)

2012 makes us 6 years old! How time flies!

I am a big believer in keeping things FRESH! Never becoming too complacent with everyday life - but most importantly with my business MOSS GROTTO.I live and breathe my store and honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else.
It gives me the opportunity to play out creative ideas.

To be successful I strongly believe that you have to continually re-invent yourself,your product,your dreams.
Always thinking,always creating and never letting the words,
 "I can't" enter your headspace.
 Simply ask yourself - "WHY NOT and go for it"

And so this brings me to my new venture,my new
 re-invention......keeping it FRESH.
Recently I thought long and hard about opening a sister store to MOSS GROTTO.I wanted another challenge.Solely clothing!
Exciting yes....but in order for me to keep my finger on the pulse and most importantly to keep in touch with my customers, I decided to simply make some small changes to my existing store.
Coming soon........
 Introducing a highlight of design labels known as the NEW "MG threads" area.It's what an emporium is all about.
I hope to provide a different element of style which will as always reflect a true sense of who I am.

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