Sunday, January 22, 2012

Summer Colour at MOSS GROTTO

Summer at MOSS GROTTO is so pretty you can almost taste it!
In store at MOSS GROTTO you'll see a corner of South American influence with handmade accessories from handmade belt ties to danty key charms.
You can also take in a touch of Thai with our beautiful thai wall pieces from Chang Mai.

Don't miss our lady of Guadalupe! Shouting out in fluro pinks and greens I thought I'd use these colours to put a fun spin on the feel of this art piece.

Acrylic on canvas. $600 by Alex O'Halloran

Coloured glass goblets in plum,ochre and blue - perfect for that Summer spritzer.

South American angel

Angel available in 2 sizes.

Mexican donkey boy.

Who can resist this image.Stumbled across who I've called "ERIC" in an old readers digest! Isn't he great! He's simply a prop that adds character and charm to my store.

I've always loved how the mix of paints on a palette look so beautiful before they touch the canvas!

I love this sculpture!I'm finding it hard to sell her!
She's all cosy with our new decorative Chang Mai wall hangings that I thought looked great drapped around ther waist and neck.It reminds me of a Hawaiian skirt.

Hello little key accessory!
Too good for key......just hang them on your wall.The perfect decoration!

**** NEW artwork coming soon by Alex O'Halloran of MOSS GROTTO

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