Monday, January 2, 2012

More beauty created at MOSS GROTTO by Kim Faull of BARWON HEADS

I'd like to introduce a new team player at MOSS GROTTO.
"KIM"... a local Barwon Heads blondie has come on board at MOSS GROTTO! To me she is magic, so pop in and say hello.She has made life for me at MOSS GROTTO, bliss.
For any of you who know me well be it family, friends or shoppers..... I simply LIVE,BREATH and DREAM in my sleep time - "MOSS GROTTO!".
I am a perfectionist who enjoys creating a visual feast for the eyes.

This week I asked Kim to do a new display for the store which after nearly 6 years of being the head merchandising person, handing over my baby was no easy task. Beautiful merchandising in my store to me is an art form, so I have to  say a big thank you and congratulate Kim for being brave and creating a knock out story!
The new photos down loaded are Kim's merchandising.I loved her usage of plum tones and deep olive greens.It created a warm yet sophisticated feel that worked perfectly.
Love it!!

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