Sunday, January 1, 2012

HELLO 2012!!!!!!!

Its 2012 and beautiful outside! Crowds have hit the streets of Barwon Heads so the town is jumping!
Its the perfect beach day!!!
These new shots around the store are a new burst of colour and more.

Hello beautiful girl! I love my new painting! I'm a great lover of eyes, so this new painting is all about just that! $750

This American Indian wall piece is simply stunning! She keeps whispering to me to take her home to my place.This amazing art work sits on the wall at MOSS GROTTO along with the birds that she's releasing.(this wall art comes with 5 flying birds)It is a one off original.

Who can resist these fun religious icons! Perfect as a wall hanging or even better still - they keep the flies out and decorate your door way at the same time. $70ea

MOSS GROTTO interior wall

Mary,Mary Mary. Great Icon shade. $70

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