Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PALM BEACH Collection Candles at MOSS GROTTO

PALM BEACH candles
 NEW in store today!
 Eco friendly essential oil soy wax candles.
Up to 80hrs burn time

Frangrances available:
Blood Orange
Fig,cassis & mandarin
Pear & Cinnamon
Clove & Sandalwood

Moss Grotto's blog wouldn't be the same without something unusual............
 Patron saint of animals

This special piece was found on a road trip with my husband John, last weekend.
We headed to his home town of Wangaratta and stumbled across this fantastic statue in a nearby town called Chiltern.

 I am known to John and my family as St.Francis of Assisi - for my passionate love of the animal kingdom.
What can I say.....it had my name on it! 

 You will see St.Francis of Assisi sitting quietly within the store of MOSS GROTTO.

MATADOR of Spain
 This petite statue in it's dreamy blue sits amongst my collection of things that belong to me. Everyday when I look at him I feel good.
Why you might ask? Because..... when I travelled to Spain I was   deeply disturbed by the bullfights and cruelty to these animals.
Luckily there is a big movement to abolish this old tradition.
Today, the only place I want to see a Matador is in porcelain. 

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