Monday, October 10, 2011

Frida Khalo at 'EL POCO BURRITO Barwon Heads

The slow progression of FRIDA KHALO
 (Mexican Artist)
by alex o'halloran

I have to admit I was a little nervous painting Frida for Amy at El Poco Burrito, as I prefer to paint with no connections.It's my secret to relaxing and achieving a better result, however after carefully sketching her up and choosing my colours, my painting of Frida turned out to be a fun project!
Over the years many people have painted Frida in so many ways with different looks of how they see the artist.Although known for her unusual masculinity my interpretation of Frida Khalo leaned more towards a pretty feminine image.
You really need to see her at El Poco - the colours really do come alive!

To my good friend Amy Ames....I wish you all the best success with your new venture and may my painting of Frida look over you.

Amy Ames at her new restaurant 'EL POCO BURRITO Barwon Heads

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