Thursday, October 20, 2011

OCTOBER windows at MOSS GROTTO Barwon Heads

"My windows are my stage."
They give me the opportunity to create and play out what comes into my head space.I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I love doing them!

"It's beautiful here" sign.Handmade in Africa from telephone wire.

What a fabulous response to the new books in store. If you want some teaser inspiration these stylist books are for you!

A pair of Chinese foxes sit on my gates behind my counter at MOSS GROTTO.They were a gift.I Ioved them the minute I saw them and I love them more and more each day! I'm slowly building up a funny little area of trinkets given to me from special people in my life.

This Mexican heart is from my dear friend Amy Ames at EL POCO in Barwon Heads.If you look closely on your next visit to Moss Grotto you'll also see a wild pair of TEXAN spurs given to me by Amy Ames on one of her visits back home to Texas!

This collection of special trinkets is slowly building over time.
Keep an eye out and you may see these wonderful spurs somewhere on the MOSS GROTTO blog.

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