Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something to brighten up an ICY WINTERS DAY!!

With the trade fair approaching I'm getting excited for another buying frenzy!
 In search of new and amazing pieces that will make you fall in love.

 A buying experiece for me is like being transported back to my travel days.Wandering through the Istanbul Grand Bazaar in Turkey, or down an alley way nestled in the tiny back streets of Athens.

 From bright and exciting to smooth and sensual.....I hope to keep teasing your interior cravings at MOSS GROTTO.
Here are some images that will whet your interior/fashion taste buds!

This chandelier is amazing! I love everything about it, especially the colour and the way it falls.I'm determined to make one or at least get my Mother to attempt it with her talent in ceramics.

 I love this bathroom!! It's exactly how I plan to design the bathroom when we build our new home.Clean and simple and using one of the many mirrors I've collected over the years.

                  This beautiful powder pink room is from a friends house.
                 It's her new palette of pink.Daring,warm and gorgeous.
                          White hand carved cross made in India -
                        Available from MOSS GROTTO. $220

 South of the border and fabulous!

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