Friday, June 17, 2011

Owner of MOSS GROTTO Alex.O'Halloran finds inspiration from home.

My  temporary painting area and a new painting I'm working on. 

People always ask me what my home is like.They ask if it's the same as
Sadly I'd love to be able to say yes, but in my head I see........" magazines stacked high,too many clothes to put away,my unfinished art and unwanted  beach sand on our staircase. However, I do have areas at home that are my favourite little corners.
Corners that give me inspiration.

This shot of a little aboriginal boy was a gift to my husband John from me.I took this on one of our trips to the Northern Territory.He was looking down at the water from a rocky face.
It was the perfect moment.After we chatted I asked him if he would mind if I took a quick photo.Magic!

Stairwell treasures.

This print was purchased on a trip to see my Dad in Noosa.I found it years ago amongst some antiques at the Eumundi Butter Factory and  fell in love with it the moment I saw it.I never get tired of her.She's calm and perfect for our bedroom.Amazingly in all my house moves.....she's still in one piece. 

This old oil painting book is my favourite.

This little corner of the house is where my easel sits.Unframed work and unfinished sketches.Some done for warming up and others because I love charcoal.This little corner is very messy!!
This is the same "little messy corner".A collection of bags.One made by my grandmother Avis.Powell.
An unframed painting from Bali....

I love this shot.I think it's Marilyn Monroe?She has a real woman's butt.This photo makes me feel human.It sits on our sidetable.

This is one of my favourite area's on my book shelf.This head is a sculptural piece by my Mum's Uncle Don.He passed away recently, but will be remembered for his incredible work and fabulous sense of humour.
The photo is of Mum and me.

A gold etching of Mum's from the 70's.

 This little area in our stair well is home to the things I've collected over the years.One of my favourite pieces are my Mexican rosary beads found on my travels in Mexico.Nothing on here has a function.....I just love to look at them each time I walk upstairs.

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  1. Just a question, did your grandmother do any painting by any chance?