Friday, July 1, 2011

Late SPRING window and threads at MOSS GROTTO

 Magic windows make you stop!

I once read that your store window is your "silent sales person"!
A store window is your tool to draw people in.Without it being fabulous and eye catching, people will simply walk past and not stop!
 I want people to stop,look and enjoy.
Coming up with something new each month - keeps me on my "creative toes"!

This is my Spring window which I loved.I used the same teal blue as my background wall in the shop.I thought painting up an image of a giant peacock would go perfectly together with the use of such a dramatic colour!

Threads of teal blue wool was used to add detail to the window.Wrapped around each yellow mossed branch the colours together looked fantastic.
 I thought a giant peacock would really draw attention.
I love these silk threads inside the chemist bottles.I collect these now and put them inside a jar next to my desk.The colours make me feel good.Maybe down the track I'll do something else with them?
Silk threads.................

Red threads................
Collection of threads.............
Blue threads..............

Silk threads with silver detail $15 - $20ea Perfect to for hanging off a decorative key from a draw set.Available in a variety of colours.
Giant balls of apple green jute.$28ea.
Painting named - 'Swept'.
Medium used is acrylic paint in 2 tones of soft apple green, white paints in chalk and vivid white.
Sold to my good friend and Barwon Heads local -  Claire Greig.She found the perfect spot for it in her daughters room.
The gorgeous little blue eyed "Sophia".

Paper mache hand painted bowls from Mexico($70) sit next to these porcelain white birds $59.95.


Mildura grape dipping buckets $50ea.They still have remains of the Mildura orange dust.I love that!
 Glass bud bottles with wire to hang - come in 3 sizes from $9.50ea.
Threads in green tones..................
On your next visit to Melbourne,take the time to "look up"!
Take your eyes away from the store windows for a minute or two and enjoy what's above them.
You'll be amazed by the wonderful building fascades that gracefully sit on top.Take a photo and send them to me at my blog.
All entries will be posted on my blog!

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