Wednesday, September 19, 2012


After a long cold August and with Spring now here I made a last minute decision on Sunday and decided it was time for a Sydney fix.
They say that being spontaneous is the spice to life!

 Not only was there a great trade fair on where I could do lots of buying for Moss Grotto
but I simply can't resist Potts Point in Spring!
Without doubt my favourite location in Sydney with its colourful strip of Kings Cross to the cosmopolitan Macleay Street just around the corner.
The contrast of the two areas always blows me away.

Being a complete creature of habit, I always stay at the same hotel in Macleay St.
 I love to wander the same streets,adore the same amazing interior stores and suck up the variety of food places to eat!

The first place I come across as I make my way to the hotel is the gorgeous POHO florist. Always a treat to the eye!
 This florist is beautiful with its silk lined ceiling and dramatic chandelier.

LA CROIX is French for "the cross"! My favourite of all favourites in Potts Point.This place takes the cake.
A retail/cafe space  that takes me back to Paris with its elegance and natural style!
Pieces are sourced from France and Belgium and is a regular haunt for the mixed bag of locals!
I walk away feeling really dreamy! 
LA CROIX, Potts Point

GRANDIFLORA florist just down the street is another favourite stop.Rustic and daring, this florist is famous for thinking outside the square.

The Opium Den - Great Thai and a stunning space.Not only is the atmosphere & food great but the flower installations are always worth a look.

CAFE DOV - Just off Macleay Street.My husband and I always go here for breakfast!

                        "VOLCANO SURFING!"
Just your average sport
From Sydney to South America.......Sophie,my step daughter Beth & Mel take on VOLANCO SURFING!! Not a sport for the light hearted &
a total contrast to my time shopping to Sydney!

SURVIVING THE SLOPES......a bit dusty but alive!
 Go girls!

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