Tuesday, April 3, 2012


MOSS GROTTO loves Easter!
 Think crisp mornings and great blue skies.It's also the month I celebrate my birthday - which = being spoilt!
This year the MG Easter window is dedicated to street art -
Meet "Eddie Rabbit!"
 Using recycled cardboard from a left over box,paint & texta......Eddie comes alive!
This shot of Eddie was taken at home when I first started him.Blog on next week to see the finished image....or better still - take time out to look at the MOSS GROTTO window this month!

Hear,see & speak no evil - bunny sets

NEW Ikat vases in handmade ceramics

Couldn't resist this photo.Loving those "black" bunny ears!

Don't try this at home...

Leather tassel bag.NEW in store.

NEW embroided wool ponchos from Mexico.All designs are one off.

This amazing piece arrived yesterday. A  market lady - straight from Mexico! Unfortunately my step sons weren't able to fit her in a backpack on their travels through Mexico, so my supplier kindly shipped her direct to M.G.
Aren't her eyes fabulous!She sits on my counter.

Hand made earrings from South America. 

MG has a new range of chairs in store.Available in various designs and colours.

Leather fringe clutch

Mustard suede clutch

 Chocolate stitch style clutch in leather finish

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