Sunday, November 17, 2013

BALI break for 2013

BALI TIME.............  MOSS GROTTO.
The best type of R & R one would wish for before our Summer madness!
These are my favourite steps. This old building is iconic. Stuck on a corner where so many people pass by and don't even look in. 
Pantone colours for new stickers and ribbon selections and an amazing door!

Mojito time!

Who can resist Motel Mexicola! Pure eye candy!

My hubby John resorted to wearing my cap and a tee round his neck to avoid the sun. Fabulous sunshine, but so hot!

This would have to be my favourite time of the day in Bali. Our 6am walk each morning (runs for John).
 Streets so quiet, no traffic and and the beautiful sunrise followed by a great breakfast! Perfect!

I loved this beautiful old Balinese image stuck up on a wall were we ate lunch at a tradional warung each day.

The most gorgeous "outdoor" laundry EVER! There was just something about it. I fell in love with the white chaos of sheeting  ironed each day and the old cabinet that housed the linen. I can relate to this.

Brilliant street art! Found on one of our early walks


MOSS GROTTO Barwon Heads

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