Monday, July 22, 2013


Hi Bloggers,
The last time I uploaded anything to the blog I was about to take off for Bali.
Since then I've had problems with our blog page......but from  what I can see,everything is back to normal! 
I look forward to adding some great new shots from in and around the store.
"WOLF" cushion $250
Come August and on....... you will see an introduction of lighter weight clothing for Spring in pretty pastels, light weight linens,bright zig zags prints and oversized St.Tropez kaftans that show off gorgeous paisley prints and more.

Snaps from our Bali getaway.......
I couldn't resist this shot in Tabanan Village.

I loved these worn umbrellas that had definitely seen better days.I passed them each day as I walked passed leaning against a dirty wall next to a colourful produce market

The flowers displays in this market are magic!

Ulawatu - one of my favourite spots!

This brilliant shell chandelier sat in the ceiling of our villa. Everytime we stay there, I want to bring it home!

Kids of Tabanan

My hubby John in a fabulous beach gorge inlet at Ulawatu. I love this silhouette shot!

The entrance to our villa

My favourite spot for lunch - along with it's great lamps!

This was my reading spot each day under a canopy filled with soft cushions! I'm looking forward to November to repeat the daily routine.Who's counting!

Me - Ulawatu beach

Great steps that lead down to the beach at Ulawatu.
Ali.O x

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