Sunday, May 12, 2013


MAKE A LIST.............
I've found myself at my local library today doing my orders as our internet has died at home.I usually like to come here on my time off to relax but today its all work.
It's only the 13th of May and so far it feels as if Summer is already here with how busy life has been personally and at
Moss Grotto!I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the choas because I thrive on it.
We put our home on the market this week so it's been one huge juggly act with keeping the house neat,going to Summer showings for the store and keeping up with online lovelies on the MOSS GROTTO facebook page and the blog.
So here's a bunch of photos that show some of the past 2 weeks of  crazy May.
(apologies for any grammar mistakes as this is a rush effort)

Thank you to all the Mum's & friends of Barwon Heads and surrounds.It really was a great night and loads of fun!

Camilla,me & Danielle

NEW Kingston Jewellery.
From $49

Gorgeous NEW knits by Ridley!

Kingston Jewellery and NEW Ridley roll neck knits

Great NEW white vases

The tote is back!!! I've had this great bag for nearly 3 years and everyone stops me to ask where it's from.Well - they arrived in store on Thursday.Handmade in Nepal $130ea

Tribal neck piece!

Kingston Jewellery

Beautiful knits by French label 'Pako Litto', Ridley,Kiik and more......

A weekend away in Sydney.I'm usually there for work but this time it was for fun.I love this fountain where we stay in Potts Point.

A day out at the fabulous Cronulla Beach .My hubby Johnny taking a snap shot of me

Cronulla Beach pool! We need one of these at Ocean Grove

Johnny's snap shot!

My wish list car parked out the front of my store.I've been obsessed with V Dubs since I first got my L's at 16. I keep hinting!

Finally.......Mum and me at High Tea for Mothers Day!
James Street Bakery Geelong. A superb show thanks to the very hard work of owners Trish,Helen and the team (staff include my step kids Ben and Beth O'Halloran)
Congratulations guys.
James Street Bakery can also be found on Facebook

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