Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Life feels a little like this picture!  
Up with the sparrows again.....the countdown begins to the start of the crazy season. Approaching my 7th year owning my store, I'd like to say that I have it all together, but as always at this time of year, my nerves get the better of me.With Christmas only around the corner, I start driving my husband mad (which he loves) and I can't sleep.....checking my list and ordering big for Summer!

A few years ago I met a wonderful woman called Sue.Owner of Montreux and Trove Trading Co in Melbourne - two amazing stores! (Look them up....they really are special!) The thing I love about her most is not just her incredible talent and taste but -  she's honest and real!
 No matter how great or successful we are in business,we all have our little moments of self doubt(I know I do)..... doubting our buying skills and hoping the shopper will love every chosen piece as much as I do. 
 In the competitive world of retail I can't say how refeshing Sue's honesty is! Thanks for all the "retail" chats! It's always appreciated!
Part of me knows that the rush is a happy challenge for my mind as it brings out the creativity in me and like every other all somehow comes together and it works!

This photo sums up my head space and desk perfectly right now!

Off to Bali for a girls week to celebrate my sister's 40th Birthday! Just what I need to refresh before Summer!
Planned for months, it's suddenly here!

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