Tuesday, August 7, 2012


GT at HOME........
A few weeks ago I was asked by the Geelong Advertiser to do a shoot at our home for GT titled "MY FAVOURITE THINGS".

These are 3 of my favourite art pieces that all tell a little story.I painted the Sunhat girl after taking a long break from painting.I met my husband-to-be, John, and I was in a good place and out came the brushes.Every time I look at her it reminds me of Summer.
The Queen Elizabeth portrait is a new purchase.I fell for the sheer old glamour it held - its muted palette,authenticity, old age and most of all, the hint of glitter on her clothes.
I purchased the Burmese girl at the Butter Factory on a trip to Noosa visiting my Dad.Its been with me for a long time.I love this because it makes me feel relaxed.

This spot in our stairwell is where I hang a collection of pieces that I've purchased as a buyer for Moss Grotto or from my travels. I love to collect beautiful pieces that have absolutely no function at all other than they're visually fabulous!

You can't create a painting without these little beauties! A trip to the art store for me is like a lolly shop to a child.A big tease with so many to choose from that you just want to buy the lot. 

My weakness is handbags, in all shapes and sizes.Life would be boring without them - whether the purchase is to simply admire it or a bag that's worn out from using it to death. The cream flap bag with wooden buttons was made by hand by my Grandmother, Avis.

I had wanted this Helmut Newton book forever. My husband John, bought if for me at Christmas.I was so excited! It's the holy grail of photography.A lover of drawing the female form, I'm always sketching nudes.Its a great way to loosen up.

A big thanks to Nikole Ramsay.An amazing photographer and she made my shoot so much fun!


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