Friday, November 25, 2011


Authentic folk fashion from Latin America & Mexico.A dazzling palette of colour to brighten up your life!Stunning objects to wear, to decorate to do as your heart desires.Too pretty to resist!
                                                                Hand woven belt ties

                                                          Chokers or wall decorations
                                                                  Hand woven belts

Growing up my favourite icy pole was always the lime split.This new painting reminds me of exactly that.You can almost taste it! Keep an eye out in next week's
MOSS GROTTO window.Still not sure how this painting will end up but that makes it more fun.

Celebrate with this fun festive belt.

A painting in the making.......

"Its beautiful here" hat rack.Straight from the crafters in South Africa this gorgeous piece is handmade from colourful telephone wire.

Festive choker or wall decoration.Do as your heart desires!!!

Mary,mary,mary!Virgin of Guadalupe candles are fun and always available at MOSS GROTTO

Hand woven chokers,hair ties in an assortment of striking colours

Hello Mr Bonehead! This fabulous skull vase is new instore and fits so well with all the craziness of my shop.I love him.He sits pretty on my counter and I've named him Derek! 

Lime green dip tins.Sand blasted in a fun variety of colours.Available in white,red,orange,purple,blue & yellow. Perfect for a toy room,magazines,fruit and veg.....whatever takes your fancy!

This GIANT Milagro cross is magic! I've waited patiently for 8 months.Drop into the store just to admire it!

Colourful Mexican celebration beads. Sorry, these can't be repeated once sold out.

Frida, Frida, Frida!
I have a very big soft spot for this painting.It took weeks of thought to how I was going to depict Frida Khalo in my own style.I have to admit I was very nervous as I wanted her to be just right.It was a long process but the end result was great and very satisfying for me personally.I plan to do another one as she was so much fun to paint!
The proud owner of this piece is Amy Ames of El Poco Burrito in Barwon Heads.
If you get a chance.....pop in and take a look & while you're there indulge in one of their fabulous margaritas!!

My art work is available for sale at MOSS GROTTO in Barwon Heads.

Frida Khalo (1907-1954) was a Mexican painter of primarily self portraits.Frida was involved in a tragic accident at age 18 that dramatically changed her life.She began to express her explosive feelings through painting.
Frida's paintings were reflections of her personal history,her relationship with Diego Rivera; her damaged physical condition, her philosophy of nature and life, and her individual and mythological world view.
The movie "FRIDA" was made in tribute of her life & art in 2002.

Decorative accessories due in store next week!
Photo shoot by Marie Claire magazine

Finally.....NEW bonehead salt & pepper shakers! A must have for your dining table! What a fantastic talking point.They sit close by Derek!

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