Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Cobalt blue leather bag $145

"Who are you? What things do you love? What makes you smile? To colour your interior in a way that reflects you........first you must establish what makes you - YOU!"
I like to think of my store as a place to inspire you! 
A space where you can get lost among wonderful pieces that have been carefully chosen & grouped together into eye catching displays.
A shopping experience at MOSS GROTTO should be about gaining an insight into decorating with an attitude that dares to be different!

This weeks advert for MOSS GROTTO! As seen in the Echo newspaper.

 KITSUNE meaning FOX in Japanese!
I love this piece.Although people have their reservations about foxes...this ceramic scuplture is something I couldn't resist!
 The Fox has magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom.They belong to the super natural world.And's not real.

Aqua beads by Powell Designs $50

Taken by Sarah Short in India this week - this photo is fabulous! Thanks for letting me share this on my MOSS GROTTO blog Sarah. Enjoy your travels!

Kitsune Fox $180

Turquoise cotton wrapping rolls $15ea

Vintage gold gilded mirror $450

Rodney the cowboy.He's not for sale.

NEW Mexican rosary beads in blue and yellow. $135
Tibet coin necklace $75

Mini ottomans in cotton and tassle patchwork $55

Mexican ceramic cows head $250

Mexican ceramic rosary beads in yellow clay $135

There's something about this girl.She sits in MOSS GROTTO's current window display. $165

Tibet coin necklace $75

Large re-cycled paper lanterns $250

Eco crayons $8.95ea or buy a bundle of 3 for $25

Paper weights from Tibet. $15.50ea

NEW round red ottomans in leather patchwork and jute $250

Military canvas tote $55

White leather patchwork and jute ottoman $250

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