Sunday, May 1, 2011

MOSS GROTTO - NEW stock instore

Hand painted foot

Hand made woven wool bag - SOLD
Easter Bunnies - Set of 3 $130
"Speak, See and Hear No Evil"
Sold instore all year round
Milagros Cross with religious silver folk charms.Traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico.In Spanish the word "Milagro" means miracle or suprise.
Large: $80   Small: $45
Brass necklace by Brauer  $120
Silver Indian Cups with Eco crayons
Eco crayons sold in various colours $8.95ea
Beautiful embossed white ceramic turin. $295   
Moroccan silver tea glasses $15ea
Faux fur purses $45
Perfect for those days when you want a small bag.
Travel purse in black,pewter and gold $90
 Silver mirror $1,400
Various brass necklaces,African symbol charms and more.......
"Tickets for Coco"

A small sprinkle of their stunning accessory range.

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