Friday, March 4, 2011

MOSS GROTTO! Exciting new pieces instore soon!

coming soon........

Moss Industry Florist will be closed on March 15th for renovations and re-opens Wednesday 23rd March as the new MOSS GROTTO homewares store.

The first 2 photos featured below are shots of the amazing space owned by Mandy! One of my absolute favourite and very talented suppliers who travels to Africa and Cambodia with her husband in search of the wonderful pieces that you can find instore at
Naturally this place is my secret.......
It's a feel of whats to come.

Handmade African hearts on strands - instore now!
Old wooden frames - instore now!
Look out for our sculptures of wire animal heads by Jojo Wire!
due instore April 
 Hand made pieces from Africa, Syria, Turkey, Cambodia and more..........

 This room is pictured on my blog, simply because it's beautiful...
I look forward to seeing you at MOSS GROTTO homewares and would like to thank all my friends, clients, and people who just love to shop in our store.Your fabulous and uplifting feedback has been overwhelming.
See you soon -
Alex O'Halloran

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